Saturday, October 02, 2004

Matrix V - Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier, Gold Edition

The Second Edition of the book (2001) featured 146 segments with 300 Q&A on the material. After 2 years have elapsed, the 600 page third and final edition (the GOLD EDITION) was released in March 2003. Much more advanced, the book has more than 340 segments (including 50 never before published), 439 Q&A on the material and a large 862 line-item index. Matrix V GOLD EDITION is the most advanced material available on the planet for those predisposed to evolving perspectives.

The collection of material represents over 770 potentially unique keys to personal evolution, with thousands of sub-keys throughout the book covering the spectrum of incarnations likely to read the book. The segments cover 9 major areas: Incarnations of the Higher Self, The Third Density Game, Incarnations of Nature Spirit, Body and Gender on the Third Density, Death of the Physical Vehicle, Alien Influence on Third Density, Third Density Programming, The Third Density EndGame, and Beyond The EndGame.

The Gold Edition also contains an additional new color graphic depicting Higher Selves in sequential mode, where all of us who now have simultaneous processes originally began, before our choice to go simultaneous. Matrix V reveals who we really are, apart from culture and body, why we’re here, what the polarity-based control structures on Earth are really about, and accurate information about what is beyond the 3rd density and higher, based on direct observational experience that has lasted more than a decade. No belief systems, speculation or game-related traps in this book. We’re going outside the box. Matrix V contains information that the light side, dark side and alien groups (and their promoters) do not want you to know. It will allow you to see through all their vast manipulations, and the extension of those manipulations in Earther society. Matrix V is a book that deals with the big questions in life - who we are, and why we are here.

In a world where 99% of the information available constitutes a ‘red herring’, leading people away from realizing who they are, Matrix V is truly an anomaly, laying out a greater context which can be used to evaluate all other existing information - a dimensional information template which has proven over the last two years to have the ability to vastly transform the lives of those consciously expanding their individual perspective. It also discusses the ongoing dynamics on this planet, including the alien factor (sequential Higher Self incarnations), incarnations of the Earth Spirit into human form (minion incarnations) and simultaneous Higher Self incarnations. All the ‘humans’ you see on Earth are not using the same incarnational dynamic.
Matrix V reveals the drama of the Dark side and Light side polarities on Earth, and their relationship with control factors having their origin with alien (sequential) control of the planet. Without this information, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to try and understand what’s happening on the planet at this time, the purpose of experience, the players and the various levels of play that comprise the planetary EndGame in which you exist at this time. Matrix V discusses information intended for advanced incarnational perspectives - those that involved searching for who they are,, progressing ‘out of the box’ and on the way out of ‘The Game.

It can be safely said (after examining existing literature out there) that it is virtually the only book on the planet that accurately discusses the Higher Self, human incarnations, ancient manipulation of human DNA, the genderization of the human body, and the mechanics of incarnation and detailed information on the realms which we perceive when we become independent of the body after its death. Matrix V is a vast treasure trove of vital information.

Matrix V, in effect, decodes earth reality, as well as the reality beyond the earth experience, in a way that has never been achieved in human literature. Are you really a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’? No. You are spiritual being using a genderized body for experience. Only ‘men’ and ‘women’ buy into the cultural belief that promotes identification with the body and gender, and they continue to revel in Earth life and seek gratification and fulfillment of the DNA programming to which they have become slaves. This is all fine, because we all have incarnations that do this. However, if you are coming from a more evolved perspective in this incarnation, Matrix V is for you. The actual beginning point of these explorations started experientially with actual exploration of other densities slightly out of phase with ours, using out of body travel, however, the scope of this book far exceeds anything ever completed by Robert Monroe, author of three famous books on the subject, Journeys Out Of the Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey.

A review of existing literature outside of Matrix V (other than Monroe) indicates at most only exploration in the belief-system areas in the lower 4th, encoded with light-side polarity or material of sequential origin, all meant to divert the conscious explorer from finding out what’s really going on and preventing resonance and connection with Higher Self. There are loads of traps out there! Identify them here.In truth, this book goes far beyond the material Robert Monroe or any other explorer has ever released. It constitutes major keys for discovery for those Higher Self incarnations that are on the verge of spiraling out of this reality altogether.
If you are at a position in life at this time where you seek more than what is around you in the controlled, idiotic culture we live in, more than religions, channeling, alien contactees, belief systems and the pathetic body of knowledge on this planet, Matrix V Gold Edition is for you.

Included in the book are 2 color artworks depicting the Library on Monroe focus level 27 (as visited by The Author of the material), essential extracts from the Handbook for the New Paradigm (instead of the whole Handbook, which is mid-advanced material freely available on the internet and in print, freeing up space to accommodate the new material), sections that explain the dynamic element of synchronicity and a re-release of one of our investigations into influence over general education on out of body experience by government and non-human factions. Without the information in Matrix V Gold Edition, decoding what is happening on Earth is literally impossible. There are too many barriers in the way.
See for more information . This book is meant only for a very small number of people, not for the general public.